What To Do With This Site?

I mentioned this before, but this site was birthed from something left behind by another site that I didn't originally create or develop. Read some of the previous archives for more details:

I felt weird about it at the time mainly because of the traffic, Google Pagerank and the promotion that had previously gone into promoting the "" sub-domain. I felt luck to have gotten it, but didn't want to take advantage of it too much.

With PR updates over the last several months, the value has dropped to zero and the traffic is low. There are still lots of visitors to older pages originally created by Scott (where I redirect them to his site as best I can) and a fair number of visitors to new posts that I've created.

But it may be time to end this project. I have too many pots percolating at once and this year promises to be even busier. My plan at the moment is to update the page template to something simple and post the content over FTP to my own site. From there, I won't necessarily delete the whole site as it is still working in the occasional redirect. But the URL will become a sub-page or subdirectory off of my home page. Since he hasn't stopped by, I'm going to assume that Scott won't mind if I do this.

Anyhow, that's the direction for 2009.

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