The Dell Streak

I've had a Dell Axim for a pretty long time. I consider it pretty long considering it's basically a handheld computer. Family and friends who've seen me with it marvel a bit that it has lasted this long. Some day, it will need to be replaced. But I've come to understand that handheld computers, PDAs and the like are no longer available per se. They've all been replaced or edged out by high end cell phones or tablet PCs. As a long time fan of handhelds going back to my old Palm m500, it was disappointing to me to learn that unless you want to buy a used/refurbished model you can't find one anymore.

I'll keep using my Axim until it craps out, but some day it will need to be replaced. Since Dell worked so well for me for so long (and their PCs too), I've been looking at what Dell has to offer and I discovered that they've come out with something called The Streak. Nice name *wolf-whistle*.

It's more of a tablet PC but small with a 5-inch display. Many see it as competition for the iPad and so on. I'm still learning about it, but from the following post, it would appear that the folks at Dell are getting ready to bring out a 7-inch screen version sometime soon. Here's more information: Dell CEO shows 7-inch Streak tablet. Please stay tuned.

The History Of The Internet (An Infographic)

There's a bit of a trend I've noticed lately where information is being shared in easy-to-understand infographics. They are sometimes a mix of the humorous and insightful along with a well laid out representation of information. I wasn't even born until 1976, so...

The following graphic is a timeline of the major milestones in the full History of the Internet. Some of this history I lived through and can recall, but much of it happened while I was a little oblivious.

MBA Online

Found via Digg.