Digg is Back? Digg is Back, I Guess

I wrote about Digg likely going away back in 2012, but it looks like it's made a bit of a small recovery. At least, it is still around and appears to be kicking. There was a time when it seemed like it could compete with Reddit, but that's not now.

Check out Digg.


Goodbye Digg

To remind us that nothing on the Internet is forever, the once giant site known as Digg has been dying a slow death since a redesign. Digg Sells Itself for Pathetic Pocket Change: $500,000. This is pretty low considering they were once offered $200 million from Google and turned it down. The article mentions other companies that were once big but drifted away like CompUSA and MySpace, but neglects to mention my favorite example in AOL. Of course, perhaps that's a company making a comeback. Only time will tell.


Beware Online "Filter Bubbles"

Let's guide the Internet the right way.

Remember that getting opinions different from your own help you to learn and grow. Be careful of over-personalization.


Dell Streak 7 WiFi Tablet Up for Pre-Order

When I first heard about it, I mentioned the Dell Streak back in September. At the time, I was earmarking the gadget because I knew that I'd someday need to replace my Dell Axim. Since then, I've had the good fortune to get an iPhone and despite loyalty, I'm not sure I'd go back.

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That being said, there are new reviews posted regarding the latest version of the Dell Streak, which now has WiFi. Check out the review.

  • Android v2.2
  • 7-inch display, multi-touch
  • 1GHz NVIDIA processor
  • Front-facing and rear-facing cameras; 1.3 MP and 5 MP respectively
  • 16 GB internal hard drive

Besides the WiFi, the device also includes Bluetooth and GPS. This version isn't yet available directly, but you can pre-order one at


Fun With My iPhone </SARCASM>

If the following two pages on Apple's site are in front of me right now, you can bet that it's going to be a fun-filled morning.

It is likely that everything that WAS on my phone is recoverable from my hard drive. The second link above makes it clear where the backup is stored. I'm in the middle of running the recovery and update tool. So we will see.


Well, that is now over. And if I could find one image that would express how I feel about the experience...

Everything went better than expected...

Seriously, I was making a big baby deal about nothing. I did lose a few apps that I have to reinstall. But this may have had more to do with the network drive at work, and less to do with iTunes or iPhone.



I've previously mentioned reinventing the desktop interface and the kind of changes that might be coming regarding how we use computers. I wanted to share another cool idea in this area that is simply being called a bend desk.


This looks promising.

bend desk is a prototype interactive display that takes the digital workspace from the screen to the desktop by the media computing group at RWTH aachen university. while a typical work setup combines a flat desktop with a vertical computer screen, bend desk combines the two into one single unit. bend desk is a vision for a future workspace that allows continuous interaction between both areas. using multi-touch technology, the display curves from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane. this workspace can be used to display digital content and interact with it directly using multi-touch gestures and manipulation.

The entire setup seamlessly combines a large multi-touch surface on the desk that curves into a multi-touch screen for display. Whereas it probably takes up more physical space than the 10/GUI concept video I linked to above, it resolves all of the same problems conceptually and has the added bonus of looking really cool. Additionally, you can see in some of the pictures on that the BendDesk could be used by more than one person at a time. I'm not sure I could choose between the two if presented the option. Based on the video...

I'd say that BendDesk is closer to being a reality. The future is now!