Blog Site Redesign

This is another post-dated blog to catch the incoming link from a blog comment that Scott posted a long time ago. My motive is to prevent the 404 error from displaying and get folks to the new location of the page on Tech.Life.Blogged..

I've just uploaded some template changes to my blog. The changes are mostly to the sidebar and a new "Save to" link for each article. Here are the details about the changes.

Per the details in the post, there was most likely another redesign later, but a lot of the specific elements survive.


How I Create Thos Link Posts

Here is another back-dated post to direct folks to the right spot. This was the original post that started it all for me back in February. Read more about my experience on my blog about TechLifeBlogged. If you are looking for the post that was originally here written by Scott, see below.

How I Create those link posts

Down yonder in one of the link posts Randy asked how I set up those postings. I thought I'd blog the process if anyone is curious.

The content that was here is available on TechLifeBlogged - How I Create those link posts. Go check it out.


Tools for Viewing OPML in Your Browser

I have created this post because of the backlink from OPML - An Awesome Experiment. When Scott Kingery ran this blog URL, there was a post that was referenced from there.

There's been a LOT of buzz lately about OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language). TechCrunch did their awesome experiment using Dave Winer's OPML editor and that has fanned the flames as well...

I feel that it is important to link to the new location for this post. Please go to Tools for Viewing OPML in your browser at TechLifeBlogged.