Internet Explorer 7 Fonts

If you want to clear up the fonts in IE7 you will need to do the following.

*Go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced
*Go to Multimedia and Uncheck the Clear Type for HTML box
*Ok the changes and restart IE.


The Internet's Early Years

It's hard to think about now, but at one point in the not-too-distant past, the Internet was new. Reporters for major news organizations looked at it and scratched their heads in confusion. For instance,...

--a dazzling array of information--

I'm trying to figure out how old this is. There are some important thinkers here, but I'm sad to see that they concentrated so much on Bill Gates. Huh? But there are some great ideas that we still use today and some that seemed important at the time, but have fallen by the wayside. That wrist watch? The virtual reality-esque shopping mall? This specific video is not entirely a parody, but it has a menu screen at the end referencing Jimmy Fallon's new Late Night show. I'd guess that these are a combination of multiple clips of various Tom Brokaw interviews and several other pieces spliced together.

Original source: The Internet is All Grown Up


Windows 7 European Edition

When it's available, I want a copy of Windows 7 from Europe. It will ship without Internet Explorer. Read more on BBC NEWS.