Firefox Updated

Mozilla - footer-logo.png (PNG Image, 47x36 pixels)I have not yet downloaded and installed version 3 of my favorite browser. This is despite what I'm currently looking at right after I let the automatic update for install.

You've Been Updated to the Latest Version of Firefox

A worldwide community of thousands of experts is working every day to help us identify and defeat the latest threats to your online security. This open process ensures that Firefox is updated with security fixes faster than any other web browser. Keeping you safe is our top priority.

However, I have used it. Firstly, I'm very fond of one specific feature involving the login confirmation alert that pops up when you have entered a username and password. In Firefox 2.x, this comes up in a centered alert and you must attend to it before the new page fully loads. In Firefox 3.0, this comes up as a drop down set of tabs at the top that you can use OR completely ignore. This alone is worth the upgrade.

Why don't you update Firefox today?

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