Plans Awry

Well the plan since the beginning of the month has been to transfer ownership of this blog to Scott ever since he got in contact with me in his comment. However, that appears to not be as easy as expected nor as easy as the Blogger documentation would lead me to believe. Here are the references I'm talking about and the instructions we are trying to follow.

The problem is mainly that I have added Scott as an admin, but when he logs in, he does not have the option to remove me. Well that's not going to cut it. Here is a screen shot he sent me.

Blogger Permissions - Cannot Remove Blog Owner
Note that this image has been resized to fit and the email addresses have been blocked out.

There is no remove link next to my name. If we figure out how this is really supposed to be done and the steps involved, I'll be sure to post them. My next step is to contact Blogger Support.

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  1. The search results on the Google Help Group was full of posts concerning the fact that this cannot be done as the help files suggest in the new Blogger. I wrote to Blogger Support and am waiting for response.